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Rebecca Edwards in conversation with Alan Warburton

In this online chat series, we will be talking to Carla Gannis and Alan Warburton discussing their practices, fluidity of the body and identity, and their respective works included in the exhibition RE-FIGURE-GROUND at arebyte Gallery.

In this episode arebyte Gallery curator Rebecca Edwards spoke to artist Alan Warburton about the power of masculinity, CGI fake news and photorealist world-building…

Alan Warburton was part of RE-FIGURE-GROUND at arebyte Gallery 18th January – 16th March 2019

Alan Warburton is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the use of software in contemporary culture. His hybrid practice feeds insight from commercial work in post-production studios into experimental arts practice, where he explores themes including digital labour, gender and representation, often using computer-generated images (CGI). Born in Stirling, Scotland in 1980, Alan studied at Brighton University, London South Bank University and Escape Studios. His work has been commissioned, screened, exhibited and broadcast internationally at Ars Electronica, National Gallery of Victoria, Carnegie Museum of Art, Austrian Film Museum, Laboral, HeK Basel, Photographers Gallery, London Underground, Southbank Centre, Channel 4, Cornerhouse, Denver Digerati and Adult Swim. Alan is currently in residence at Somerset House Studios

His online video essays Goodbye Uncanny Valley and Spectacle, Speculation, Spam have been widely shared amongst a new generation of students, artists and curators keen to reflect on the critical potential of CGI.

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