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Rebecca Edwards in conversation with Most Dismal Swamp

In this online chat, arebyte curator Rebecca Edwards spoke to Most Dismal Swamp in relation to the exhibition Swamp Protocol, guest curated by MDS, at arebyte Gallery in Feb/March 2019

The talk about The Dank Enlightenment, Most Dismal Swamp’s interesting curatorial approach, the contemporary swampscape and what’s next for the art platform and record label…

Most Dismal Swamp is a mixed-reality biome, an art platform, a multi-scalar mystic fiction, a forecasting laboratory, a long tail, a transitional ecosystem, a party, a cognitive scaffold, a bad dataset, a curatorial MMORPG, a memeplex aggregator, a planetary weirding studio, and a record label.

It is a model for parsing, navigating, and elaborating a Dank Enlightenment: globally variable synaesthesia across multiple and simultaneous dimensions.

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