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1/10 – 31/10 2020

Five graduating artists of Goldsmiths Bsc Digital Arts Computing display their work created in an unanticipated context. Together with arebyte Gallery’s AOS they present the online exhibition REMOTE LATENCY

Remote Latency deals with the implications and challenges of digital distance and remoteness. It takes approximately X milliseconds for your computer to receive the transfer of data after the click on your mousepad. What is lost along the way? What ghosts are hiding in the latent space? As artists, we incorporate tools that are reinterpreting our environments, offering the content to the viewer behind the screen, over welcoming them into a physical space. We respond to the social shift in interaction that the pandemic has induced, joining the crowd of algorithms that compete for your attention, as an annoying pop up ad infecting your screen like the virus we’re still dealing with. It exists in the seam, the data crumbling between the lines.


Participating artists:
Jinia Tasnin | @jinibeams
Johanna de Verdier
Robert Hall | @robhallart
Megan Benson | @megnbenson
Rita Josy Haddoub | @oldpaper__

…by Goldsmiths presents an online exhibition by graduating students from Digital Arts Computing at Goldsmiths University of London made in collaboration with arebyte On Screen. The work is created amidst a pandemic that changed the plane of enviro-socio-techno interactions, and responds to and unsettles the new remote norm. The show proposes that artists can play a vital part in expanding the boundaries of preconceived structures. The works all engage with ideas of latency, a lingering feeling of what’s yet to come; experimenting with temporal delays and jittery exchanges between digital bodies, environments and devices. “Remote Latency” takes form – reflecting on the theme of remoteness and digital “inbetween”, the distance in between the lines — not just between space but also between bodies in time.

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