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(Sisag) Clio Bravo Idrobo - Abby Ayala

(Sisag) Clio Bravo Idrobo
Abby Ayala

A statement by the artist

Second video of a three-channel video-art installation, part of Act III of the “Sketch of an Opera”, within the project “Let’s Party Like it’s 1492.” This video, presented independently, delves into cultural identity and historical narratives of the mestiza, weaving concepts with images, music, texts, and archives.

(Sisag) Clio Bravo Idrobo

(see-sa-g klee-oh b-rah-voh id-ro-bo). I am a non-disciplinary artist (my practice/research navigates within the disciplinary terrain fluidly). I am interested in critical thought. My work moves around gender, colonization/decolonization, mestizaje, the body, authorship, text, and the personal. My background is in photography, and I have worked with video, performance, sound, and installation.

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