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Taietzel Ticalos - she-appeared-excessively-“real”

Taietzel Ticalos

The video she-appeared-excessively-“real” stitches 3D and found deepfake footage to highlight the rising of AI generated content targeting female/femme bodies, while rising questions about consent and gender representation in the online space. The new synthetic media constructs are linked with Pandora’s myth, who has a similar manufactured origin.

The above frame provides an interactive version of the video work.
If you would like to experience the video work itself, please click the button below to open a video player.

Taietzel Ticalos (b. 1986) is a visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania. Her artistic practice investigates the transmutation of reality into the virtual space and contemplates the development of digital narrations. She focuses on sexual objectification, social media as consumer media, digital performance and digital reenactment. Since 2019 she manages together with Gabriela Mateescu the digital art platform spam-index.com.

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