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Tamara Russell - More Than Mindfulness - Introduction

Dr. Tamara Russell

More Than Mindfulness
Digital meditation series

Join us in this collaboration with Dr. Tamara Russell for some short meditations designed to help you navigate these turbulent times.

When your creative mind is your most valuable asset, taking care of your mind becomes a priority.

Artists know how to dance in the chaos but like everyone else, they too can benefit from some mental self-care. If we learn to care for these beautiful minds, they can blossom in unexpected ways. We need this creativity more than ever in this crazy world!

Self-care means taking time to rest and restore, but we also need to tame and train our attention. This is more important than ever now as our brains are constantly being hijacked by the media, by our worries and fears and our tendencies to disconnect and avoid what is hard to bear. You might need to revisit these exercises a few times. If you can include them as regular practice you will reap the benefits of mental wealth in your life, your work, and your relationships.

Tune your brain to self-care by thinking about how can be most comfortable as you listen to the meditations. Every intentional act of care for your body or mind strengthens your brain’s compassion networks. Self-care means more creativity!

If you enjoyed this meditation -share it, or practice it with someone you care for.

Dr. Tamara Russell is a clinical psychologist, neuroscientist and martial artist specializing in mindfulness and particularly mindful movement. Her “brainwise” and creative approach to mindfulness training are outlined in her books Mindfulness in Motion and #whatismindfulness and she teaches worldwide across a variety of sectors. She loves to work with those who think differently but with full passion and integrity. Tamara is the Co-Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence which has a focus on innovation in creative mindfulness and mindful technology (including VR).

Instagram: @drtamararussell

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