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Tasneem Lohani - Unrequited Doomscroll

Tasneem Lohani
Unrequited Doomscroll

A statement by the artist

This work is an exploration of the screen, in particular, the phone screen and its significance in everyday life as a mode of communication. It is a durational video interested in the algorithmic prediction of online consumer behaviour facilitated via the smartphone. The sound in the video is a playlist created by the Youtube autoplay suggestion system. Which is a point of inquiry for me into the coded biases of the web. The content we watch on screens, directed by tracked user data claiming to know what we want to watch, could further ingrain information bias in users. In a world where we are moving toward reliance on the more efficient sound and voice-based digital communication, I probe to dig deeper into the excesses of unlimited content and autoplay algorithm which allows for auto-initiated doom scrolling without the reliance or need for the screen. Video is shot on Nikon D3300 DSLR

Tasneem Lohani

Tasneem Lohani‚Äôs multidisciplinary practice deals with issues of disembodiment and alienation in digital social media communication and its spiritual correlation to mental and physical health in our current techno-capitalist society. She held her first solo show at the Cholamandal Artists‘ Village, Chennai, 2018 and holds an MFA from Kingston School of Art, London, 2020.

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