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Hotel Generation 2020

Presenting the four selected artists for hotel generation ’20…

Working closely with arebyte’s team, four shortlisted digital artists from regional UK cities are provided with professional guidance, studio visits, critical feedback and general mentoring in producing a proposal for an exhibition based on arebyte’s 2020 theme Systems.

From the open call we shortlisted four artists: Radley Cook (Penzance), Ronnie (formerly known as Sarah) Danaher (Leicester/Leeds), Kate Frances Lingard (Glasgow/Blackpool), and Georgia Tucker (Birmingham). The artists receive a stipend for the research and development stage of their proposal lasting roughly three months. Working closely with the arebyte team, the shortlisted four are being provided with professional guidance, studio visits, critical feedback, and general mentoring and assistance in producing a proposal for an exhibition.

Meet the artists

Ronnie, formerly known as Sarah, Danaher is an artist using the humour and pressures of her experiences growing up in a large Irish Catholic family, questioning the underlying power at play in the domestic setting and how it fractures when coming into contact with the internet. Predominantly working in video, sculpture and installation, her current interests are the world of post-truth online, the echo-chambers of communities based around a set of beliefs, and the effect on identity when these subjective truths come into conflict.

Based in Leicester, she has exhibited internationally across France, Spain, Russia, and the UK, and recently completed a graduate residency at The Art House in Wakefield.

Radley Cook is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. His work explores bias acquisition in the development of computational algorithmic systems, the nebulous political discourse of social media and our increasing dependence on modern technologies. He uses satire, reappropriation and interactivity to comment on and provoke discussion about how we think about these societal topics.

In 2019 he graduated from UWE Bristol, with a first class degree in Creative Media Design. The course focused on creative digital media production for online, networked and mobile platforms. As part of the programme, he explored the playful use of digital media whilst also challenging the media artistically, technically and intellectually. As a result, he has developed a proficiency in traditional art and design practice, allied with an understanding of current web development processes.

Kate Frances Lingard is our final selected artist of hotel generation 2020.

Kate lives and works in Glasgow, and thinks about what care means in a technologically orientated future.

Borrowing from the communities that form around free/libre and open source software (FLOSS), her project for Hotel Generation will focus upon distributive methods of making.

How can care become imbued into systems and how does knowledge get shared between each node?

Georgia Tucker‘s practice utilises virtual reality and physical installations to raise awareness of current environmental concerns facing our planet. Her work explores the complexity of materiality, environments and ecologies represented in virtual experiences. Transforming the sense that the viewer’s world is both alien and familiar.

She is pushed by the boundaries of new technologies, exploring VR in an installation context – combining the virtual and real worlds. Her work relies on a collaboration with the viewer as they turn from a passive audience to active participant. By providing the viewer a space to navigate, she is offering them a unique, individual experience. This is a reflection of how we navigate things in the real world, both literally and morally.

Sarah talks us through her proposal and practice here…

What’s next?

In August 2019, the final selected participant will be selected by a judging panel. This year, we invited Zach Blas, Helen Starr, Hannah Redler Hawes, Erin Weible, and Klio Krajewska to be on the panel of judges.

One of the four artists selected by the 2020 judging panel receives further funds and support from arebyte to realise the proposal and produce a body of work for a solo exhibition at arebyte Gallery in January 2021.

“hotel generation was great for me – it was the first time I’ve been able to work closely with a curator on a show, and have the support and budget to make an exhibition exactly as I wanted it. The show at arebyte was my first solo exhibition in London and arebyte were a great gallery to work with!”

— Karanjit Panesar, hotel generation 2018 final selected artist

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