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Hotel Generation 2022

Presenting the four selected artists for hotel generation ’22…

Working closely with arebyte’s team, four shortlisted digital artists from regional UK cities are provided with professional guidance, studio visits and general mentoring in producing a proposal for a body of work based on arebyte’s 2022 theme Sci-Fi.

At the end of the four months development programme, one of the four proposals is selected by the judging panel to be fully developed into a solo exhibition at arebyte Gallery.

The 2021 shortlisted candidates are Ama Dogbe (BRISTOL), Wolfe Musbahi (Edinburgh), Jess Pemberton (CORNWALL) and Abe Sugarman (WEST YORKSHIRE)

Meet the artists

Ama Dogbe is an early-career digital artist whose work over the last 4 years has used personal auto-biographical and observational drawings as the foundation for her practice. She explores a range of personal and societal themes through digital mediums including experimental film, animation and video games. She believes that being self-taught in the use of various software packages offers the opportunity to create experimental results, uninhibited by conventional use of these softwares. Recent work includes a commission by the Attenborough Art Centre in Leicester, a game playable through online browsers created for an exhibition exploring the theme: The World is Work in Progress.

Wolfe Musbahi is a multi-disciplinary Artist/Designer working in Edinburgh and London. Influenced by both historical and science fiction, He seeks to create work with a heavy technological emphasis. His work looks to provide experiences to bridge gaps and to highlight and enhance the joy found in the everyday.

Jess Pemberton creates generative and interactive digital landscapes that aim to be nourishing and encourage exploration. As society is fast approaching the integration of physical and digital worlds into day-to-day life (MR), Pemberton contemplates the psychological impact of existing in spaces out of harmony with natural structures. She aims to understand the boundaries between designs that benefit the user and reflect the natural world, and those that don’t; by further extension exploring how to be transparent about profit-based agenda and mitigate the manipulation behind this type of activity.

Abe Sugarman is a multimedia artist based in West Yorkshire, who operates as an agent within a game. Abe uses their political proposal ‘Jellyfish temporality’: as a non-linear model of queer time and survival against geological time. Abe combines the circular and entwined web of bodies and systems that exist in the bio-membrane, where a diagrammatic tissue of lies and life-cycles emerge through reverberation, compulsion, and restarting. In this newly formed ‘Anthrobussy’, the rehearsal assembles. Abe enjoys SpongeBob SquarePants, cuttlefish, Gordon Riggs Garden Centre, and their ex-boyfriend.

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