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Open Screen 2021: Tilly P-M - byobob - bring your own banality of being

A gif image by the artist Tilly P-M.

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A gif image 2 by the artist Tilly P-M, showing a flat.

byobob is a multiple choice game where players move around by selecting how they would like the person, or sim, to spend their day.

Computer generated images and gifs, alongside real-life documentation of immediate surroundings create collaged fragments of daily routines.

Players sink into rabbit holes of the banality of being; from travelling through pipes to grab a glass of water and riding the pet cat as if she were a horse, to mindless scrolling on a phone to find shark videos.

The blurring of real-life and simulated life encourages players to explore their own spaces and how mundanity drips into self made mythologies of us and our surroundings; to question the limits between domestic and fantasy. Living within and in-between gaps of the familiar and imagined, the works asks what do gaps generate in us, and what do we generate in gaps?

An image by the artist Tilly P-M, showing a fridge with sticky notes on.

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arebyte’s Open Screen programme presents two new commissions from Uma Breakdown and Tilly P-M for the 2021 edition.

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