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Wade Wallerstein discusses our exhibition RE-FIGURE-GROUND part 2

RE-FIGURE-GROUND As Discussed by Wade Wallerstein is a two-part video series in which Wallerstein brings a critical anthropological lens to some of the themes developed in RE-FIGURE GROUND (curated by Kelani Nichole).

While Part I explores digital materiality and the nature of digital objects, Part II covers simulation and virtuality—relating how close examinations of the digital artworks in the exhibition can help us to understand the rapidly changing nature of our contemporary hypermediated culture.

Wade Wallerstein is a digital anthropologist and curator from the San Francisco Bay Area. His research in the realm of visual culture examines digital curatorial practices and the ways in which the internet can be used as an exhibition platform. Currently, Wallerstein is the curator of the Multimedia Anthropology Laboratory at University College London. Contact: instagram: @habitualtruant // twitter: @habitual_truant // email: wade.wallerstein@gmail.com

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