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Websiteseeing: Laura Netz - The Hacking Manifestos

The Hacking Manifestos

Curated by Laura Netz

A Compilation of The Hackers Manifestos Of The 20th And 21st Century

Conceptual Aesthetics – Origins Of Cybernetic Art – Documenting Historic Process. In Occasion Of Wrong Biennale – Web Site Seeing – Call For Curators, The Project Hacking Manifestos Presents An Online Resource That Compiles The 20th And 21st Centuries Manifestos Written By Most Important Hackers. In This Way, Here The Manifestos Are Presented Online As A Useful Tool But Also, With An Aesthetic, Symbolic And Sociological Value. The Website Hacking Manifestos Contents The Names And Links To The Websites That Refer To Hacking As A Social Movement Which Impact Deeply In The Transformation Of The Civilian Society In Our Era. According To Skot Deeming (Ph.D. Candidate, Indi Program, Concordia University): “The History Of Computation Is Rich With Narratives Of Hackers, Tinkerers, And Enthusiasts. From Micro-Computing Platforms To Gaming Hardware And Beyond, Practitioners Within These Niches Re-Frame And Re-Task Off-The-Shelf Computational Hardware And Software, Create New Devices And Interfaces, And Challenge Our Assumptions Of Computational Technologies. By Directly Engaging With The Various Elements Of Any Given Digital Machine, These Subcultures Alter Our Relationships With Technology, Rendering Acts Of Computational Creativity, Modification, And Reverse Engineering As Modes Of Critical Knowledge Production.

Laura Netz / Laura@Netzzz.Net / Http://Netzzz.Net is a curator, artist, and researcher. Currently, she is an MPhil student at CRiSAP – UAL, where studies the new tendencies in curatorial practices in sonic arts.

Websiteseeing is an automatic online virtual tour, taking viewers through the best sites the world wide web has to offer. 

Curated by artists, independent curators and people within the digital realm, Websiteseeing  displays a series of connected websites determined by a specific research interest, topic, or methodology. Shown as a continuously loading sequence chosen by the curator, the websites appear for a predetermined amount of time; if a website piques curiosity, the viewer has a few seconds to explore the page before the next one is loaded on their browser. Within this constraint, the websites presented act more akin to a ‘non-place’ than as spaces for the dissemination of information.

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