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Websiteseeing: Patrick Lichty - The Tour at the End of the Internet

The Tour at the End of the Internet

Curated by Patrick Lichty

‘This is the last, and possibly apocryphal, tour of the Wrong, as it may not even be included. To consider my discussions with David about how to see the Wrong, I have always seen it in terms of the 2011 NY-based notion of New Casualism, or as I call “Intentional Randomness”. This is not entirely true, as this is constructed more about the agency of the user, or aleatorism. Therefore, this tour of the Wrong Biennial is a set of logical free associations as the Internet goes back into hibernation for two years.’

1: I Will Say Whatever You Want In Front Of A Pizza – by Sebastian Schmieg

2: Curating Spam Curated by Michal Mitro

3: The Right to Re- Curated by Colleen Jennings & Simon Boas

4: Net Art for Storage Curated by Ben Grosser

5: The Wrong Club – An exhibition in context of The Wrong (biennale). Curated by
Florian Kuhlmann & Falko Bürschinger

6: Open Skull Glitches: _.Øþ3ꜺꜺ_555𐌊U777_ģ̶Ł̶1̶ɫ̶C̶ʮ̶’z_
(pronounced “open skull glitches”) – jonCates (2017)

7: Permanent Redirect Artwork by Donald Hanson

8: How to get the Mao experience through Internet…
Authored by Winnie Soon

9: All the times I missed your call and I probably refused to work
Artwork by Guido Segni

10: Daralwrong
Curated by DAHProject

Patrick Lichty is a media “reality” artist, curator, and theorist of over two decades who explores how media and mediation affect our perception of reality.

Websiteseeing is an automatic online virtual tour, taking viewers through the best sites the world wide web has to offer. 

Curated by artists, independent curators and people within the digital realm, Websiteseeing  displays a series of connected websites determined by a specific research interest, topic, or methodology. Shown as a continuously loading sequence chosen by the curator, the websites appear for a predetermined amount of time; if a website piques curiosity, the viewer has a few seconds to explore the page before the next one is loaded on their browser. Within this constraint, the websites presented act more akin to a ‘non-place’ than as spaces for the dissemination of information.

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