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Zongbo Jiang - DEL>x6F//50<2000000000>

Zongbo Jiang

DEL>x6F//50<2000000000> presents three digital characters in a virtual landscape exploring the human impact of social media. The work is heavily influenced by the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’, visualising specific data based around control, truth and digital cleaning; to provoke an awareness and conversation about the darker truths of social media companies.

Zongbo Jiang is a 3D Visual Artist who observes the collisions and discussions between aspects of daily life, focusing on social and environmental issues. Having a background in graphic and product design, his design philosophy has always been true to sculpting a narrative for visual communication. His work centers around creating digital characters, which often take strange and comedic forms. These characters are placed in virtually crafted spaces to solidify the narrative Jiang creates to share the concepts he is portraying.

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