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Agnieszka Szostek - Water Memory (episode 2.)

Agnieszka Szostek
Water Memory (episode 2.)

Thermoplastic imprint costume, branches tripod, iPhone.
Camera: Piotr Matosek; Digital scans: Michal Majdak; Performance: Agnieszka Szostek.

Working with the pseudo-science concept of memory water, and the ability of the later to retain memories and information after a body has been submerged in it, Agnieszka Szostek presents her new work Water Memory (episode 2.) . Seeing our humanity as a cluster of memory water which would have infused the earth, leading to climate changes and disasters, here performing in a mountain river, wearing “prepared skins” (the thermoplastic imprints made out of digital collages – a glitchy computerized surface). A tripod has been built out of branches and my smartphone is being held, the selfie mode is activated, the tripod is placed in the middle of the river, facing me. The digital photos and videos are the documentation of my work and the elements, the tripod and the “skins”, are real and physically witness the project.

Agnieszka Szostek (b. 1982), lives and works in Berlin. Agnieszka Szostek is an artist focusing on the exploration of materials such as the recreation of human skin from plastic polymers. Working on materials allows Szostek to question our environment, the future and the past of humankind. Her research focuses on the zeitgeist and our contemporary human condition, discussions on history and one’s own emotions.


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