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Eva l’Hoest - FigureMan@VillaVerde

Eva L’Hoest

Single-channel Video, Full HD, 00:03:23
Sound by ssaliva.

Coming in from a drone-like perspective, we delve into Figureman@VillaVerde, inspired by a short video where an Anonymous shows the viewer around his connected house, the Villa Verde. Eva l’Hoest’s work adds another layer to this background by developing an animation that reenacts the act of watching the anonymous video, with a humanoid figure as the viewer, discovering the rest of the room, its facilities, and inhabitants, we feel like an unannounced guest, droning inside the space.

Eva l’Hoest (b.1991), lives and works in Brussels. Eva l’Hoest explores how all types of mental images, in particular, memory and reminiscence, are able to reappear in a technological form. She is most interested in exploring memory and its infinitesimal and strange lingering reality. Piece by piece, the artist appropriates contemporary technology to reveal both their nature as extensions for capturing the world and their potential as an artistic medium.


This is part of the project HOME INVASION by +DEDE

…by guest curators invites four curators each year from international digital art galleries, online spaces, biennales and festivals to present online projects and commissions for a period of three months. Each curator is encouraged to showcase artists within or outside of their networks, and to experiment with the platform and how they present projects. This strand of AOS initiates conversations with similar spaces globally and contextualises our work on an international scale.

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