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Open Screen - AOS open call

Open Screen 2021 is NOW OPEN for submissions!
Applications due by 13 June 2021 23:59 BST

How to apply and further information → arebyte.com/open-screen

Developed in partnership with Shape Arts, Open Screen is arebyte’s yearly open call for digital artists to be part of arebyte on Screen, an expanded and innovative online platform for digital animations, videos, web-based interactive experiences and curatorial interventions.

arebyte invites artists self-identifying as disabled to apply who are working with technology to their advantage, or overcoming barriers, criticising matters of inclusivity within technology, and everything in between.

Open Screen is actively aiming to address an area of underrepresentation in the art industry with proposals exploring the role of digital technologies and the new opportunities it creates or hinders; from experiments in augmented, virtual and mixed reality, to fake news, online bots, social media, dark-net and deep fakes.

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