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Selected artists from the goingaway.tv collection

Feed the Geese
Louis Judkins

Duncan Poulton

Nikki Lam
Anchor: A Prelude

Corie McGowan

Chris Collins
Today’s Modern Office

Molly Erin McCarthy
Western approach to paradise

Stelios Ilchouk
It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Ian Bruner
earth born or the great depression of Argus Panoptes (chapter one)

Natalia Skobeeva
Biographies of objects

Going Away.tv’ is an online platform hosting live streamed artists’ moving image 24/7, combining work from a variety of localities and backgrounds. At once embracing and critiquing the democratic nature of streaming platforms such as ‘Twitch’ and ‘Youtube Live’, ‘Going Away.tv’ will continuously present the work of multiple artists working in moving image and broadcasting, randomised but presented sequentially twenty four hours a day. On returning visits to ‘Going Away’, you may not see the same work twice.


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